The Jedox Roadshow comes to Brisbane

Jedox is one of the best unknown data platforms I know of.  Calling them unknown may sound a little harsh because they are a major product however, I say unknown because I don’t see them being considered for purchase in a large number of companies when they are clearly a fit for purpose product – and the best one at that.

For budgeting applications and situations where users need 2 way interaction with data – they ROCK.  Consider a budgeting example where you say something like ‘apportion $5000 like last year’, or ‘apportion $5000 evenly’ , jeodx just takes care of it.  And if you want comment why you decided to make that allocation, you can.  For financial budgeting, there is just no better product.  There’s automatic Excel integration, report authoring from Excel with publish to the Web, so accountants, planners , analysts and alike find it easy and natural to use.

I’m always keen when things are on in Brisbane and they’ll be here on 19th May (2017).  You can find out more here.


thenakedleaf blog

I have long been a fan of the Jedox product for its write-back and text capabilities in OLAP.  Its ability to publish Excel pages to the web (server) allows reports (and input forms) to be created quickly.  There are some very impressive methods for write back and it can be a great piece of technology (in the right environment of course)!

 Now, thanks to Chris Mentor there is a new practical blog about using Jedox with tips, tricks and explanations.  If your interested in the product or want to extend your understanding of the toolset then the site should be on your reading list.