Data Vault and Data Mining (AusDM)

What does the data vault data warehousing methodology have in common with data mining?

There are two conferences / courses being run in Australia in November, 2014.

Data Vault

The Data Vault data warehousing methodology has gained a lot of traction over the past few years. If you’ve never heard of it, I would suggest that it is somewhat of a cross between normalisation and star schema design (of course I am leaving myself open to a bit of criticism with that definition but it is only half a sentence).

Apart from the mandatory recognition to the inventor (Dan Linstedt), the best book that I’ve read on the methodology was written by Hans Hultgren and it is simply a must have if you are interested in learning the method (you can check it out on amazon here ). I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Anyway, I digress.

Hans will be in Sydney conducting Data Vault training on 12th – 14th November (that is, training to become a certified Data Vault Modeller). He has partnered with Analytics8 and MIP (don’t ask me why the prices are different) and while I would never usually promote vendors training solutions, I can make an exception for training delivered by Hans. If you are interested in finding out more about here.


AusDM or Australasian Data Mining Conference is begin run in Brisbane at Queensland University of Technology (Gardens Point) on 27th-28th November. The first time I went to this conference, it was purely an academic conference on data mining. If you’ve never been to an academic conference, they are a lot like other conferences, except that research papers are presented, so the presentations are focused and specific (you’ll also need a bit of background in the subject area). To be honest most industry participants find this pretty dry and boring. Research findings leads technical implementation by a good number of years and the work seems mostly theoretical.

What I like about AusDm is that they have an industry focus in addition to the academic presentations. For example, there is workshop on R which (IMO) makes the price of admission inconsequential (when compared to other R training).

If you would like to know more about AusDm please check out the site


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