SQL Stream @ BBBT

Most presentations to the BBBT focus on delivering better and more scalable reporting & analytical solutions.  While this may be a gross over simplification of the vendors that present, a general summary is that most focus on the delivery of a full platform (cloud or onprem) or an improved method of analytics and reporting under an existing architecture (the more traditional BI implementation of stage, transform and storage which include those dreaded latency issues). 

These are very valid applications for BI (and to be truthful account for the 99.9% of most requirements), however, sometimes a technology is presented that is so completely different that it is worthy of a note – enter SQL Stream.  This offering seems truly remarkable.  A technology that streams big data so that it can be queried using SQL.  The outcome – real time reporting and alerting over blended big data (yes combining different sources) – sounds cool eh?  Well it is!

Finally, I must also give my apologies to all the other vendors that have presented the BBBT with great products and were not been mentioned (on this blog).  As stated, these products cover the traditional implementation of BI that are encountered on a day to day basis.  Check out the BBBT website if you are interested in what the BBBT is, its meetings, podcasts and membership.  


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