Moving SSAS Databases (Detach)

There are a few ways to move SSAS databases. This post looks at the detach-reattach method.

When SSAS creates a database, it stores all the files for the database in a folder under the instances data path (assuming that you haven’t specified alternate locations for any of the objects). The data folder for my instance is below; I have two versions of adventure works;

You can detach the database from the instance by simply right clicking on the database node as selecting detach. The only configuration option that you have for it is specifying a password.

Detaching the database creates a detach_log file in the database root folder (ie under ‘Adventure Works DW 2008R2.0.db’). This is needed to reattach the database. You can’t simply copy the files and then try to reattach.

The entire database directory can then be copied to a new location. There is no requirement for this to be the default SSAS (data) directory .

Re-Attaching the database is almost the reverse, just specify the Attach option and the folder name (for the database).

2 thoughts on “Moving SSAS Databases (Detach)

    • Hi Hector

      SSAS is not like the relational engine in the way you can just attach an .mdf file. So (unless your moving the entire instance) you can not just move the directory without detaching it.

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