Data Mining in the Cloud

It has always amazed me, how un-eager people have been to adopt or at least entertain some aspect of data mining as opposed to the more traditional report and investigate style of analysis. This is especially so when it’s essentially freely available (as most SSAS instances already exist) and easy to use thanks to the data mining plugin for excel.

For an overview of the excel plugin, you can check out Add-ins Launch or download it from Add-ins Download and start playing.

The excel add-in requires a connection to a SSAS instance and if that’s not available you may want to check out Microsoft’s (very simplified) cloud version of the add-in at which allows for csv upload (and maintains some of the bike buyers sample data). I am sure that this will increase functionality as time goes on.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Predixion Software ( which offers both an excel add-in and cloud solution. Predixion’s principle architect was a driving force behind the MS excel add-in.

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